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How To Prepare A Live Lobster



Preparing and cooking a live animal might not have been on your plans for the day. But you love lobster, and the best lobster is the freshest lobster alive minutes before you indulge.

At The Daily Catch, we value and appreciate lobster, as we do for all our seafood, and we are honored to serve the countless guests who have dined in our restaurants since 1973.

Watch our video at the bottom showing you how we cut a live lobster into five pieces for our World Famous Lobster Fra Diavolo!

 World Famous Lobster Fra Diavolo From The Daily Catch on Slate Background served in the pan


  1. Take a deep breath and get your sharpest knife. Swift cuts are necessary
  2. Flip the lobster on its back, place knife tip in its upper chest while holding the lobster chop down the chest to kill the lobster
  3. Chop the tail from the body and cut the tail in half (longways)
  4. One claw at a time, hold the body down, twist the pull the arm away from the body. Using the back of the knife, crack open the claw on either side with one swift blow
  5. Grab the body and cut it down the chest again to open it up, discard the green guts

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